Employment Partner's Clients

Our areas of expertise are Logistics and Supply Chain (Management & Driving) Telemarketing, Hospitality, Food Production and General Industrial recruitment. As our business grows we are constantly looking for experts from complimentary sectors, and are always open to the idea of branching into new territories when we have new expertise on board.

We are adept at Search and Selection of Management roles through to the supply of ad-hoc labour. It is our aim to excel in our sectors and provide an exemplary service to our customers. To achieve this we look at forging long term collaborative relationships.

Our Business Model

We have looked closely at the Recruitment Industry to see where our competitors are highly successful and where they are not. We have combined our findings with our industry expertise and built our business model by drawing on best and innovative practices, making our service offering a cost efficient, simplistic and reliable way to deal with your recruitment and employment needs.

Recruiting the best and brightest talent for our client base, and offering competitive remuneration and quality working environments for our candidates.

  • Do you use a large volume of Temporary candidates?
  • Have you considered an On-Site Model?

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