Logistics Support Team

In addition to the supply of Logistics Staff, we can offer a host of Logistical Support Services.

New Site, set up and Management

Do you need to set up a new RDC / RFC? If you are looking to open a new depot, we can help manage the full process.

We will appoint one of our specialist Project Managers (PM), who will have experience in your sector. The PM and his team will build and manage a full team of specialist staff, as per your requirements. Planners, Pickers, Drivers (All Classes), FLT through to a Management Team. We have successfully achieved this for several sites in recent years, and welcome the opportunity to continue supplying this service to new and existing clients.

Efficiency Savings within your Operation

Is your Secondary Distribution Network not fully utilised? Are you paying for person-hours (made up hours) in excess of the length of runs, as certain routes are not long enough to utilise a driver for a whole shift? Would you benefit from some additional work, to cover the cost of vehicle and driver for the time you are paying for them?

As we work with numerous 3PLs and Retailers, we are ideally placed to identify where the requirements of certain clients, match capacity within others.  We have identified such gaps, synergising logistics, and eradicating waste within distribution operations.


Do you struggle for kit as well as well as driving labour? This is an area where we can assist. We can provide a tractor and driver (subject to availability) avoiding the need to hire in extra equipment and labour separately. This may be of use during peak periods, especially where your O-Licence is at full capacity. We offer competitive pricing to customers also utilising driving labour supplied by us.

If you would like any information regarding these, value added services, please get in touch, and we can arrange an appointment for one of our experts to visit and discuss.