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Millennial's are going to change the world... PERIOD.

Friday, April 12, 2019

As always, the world is forever changing, and as an employer in today’s working generations, attracting millennials has become harder than ever. Although we think they are uninterested and lazy, they just in fact seek a different type of work environment than what previous generations were looking for. The older generations were happy with working and earning, however, in contrast millennials want companies to withhold character and compassion.

Companies are in desperate need to utilise the younger minds if they want to keep their businesses running. Unlike Generation X and beyond, millennials seem to believe that they are entitled to good pay and great benefits. Although this sounds mind baffling, there are ways around giving your new employees what they are looking for.

Here is how you can attract millennials, keep them and increase productivity from them:

Ditch the 9-5

Millennials are beginning to increase the importance of the ‘you only live once’ policy and therefore will be turned off by any robotic hours that you, as an employer, should propose. Modern companies have found that if their employees are given the opportunity to control their own hours, their work output will be much more beneficial over someone who is sat clockwatching the day away.


Millennials prefer to work in work environments that are diverse, and promote a wide range of individuals with different religions and ethnicities.This is because they believe that if a company is accepting of someone because of what they do and not who they are, then they will consider the workplace to be safe.This will also be reflected onto future employees, pumping even more incentive into them to take the job.

Valued work

It is super important to give out meaningful tasks rather than the original ‘low ‘jobs. For example, a millennial is not going to stay if they are answering phones and filing. Make sure the work that you give them will be highly valued and respected on completion, usually in some form of project. By making millennials feel their work is worth their time, they will certainly WANT to stay.

Work vs Life

It is super, super important to highlight the work/life balance to a millennial. Encourage them to do things that they want to do. For example, any holidays that they have dreamed of doing, or stuff that might leak into work time, make them fully aware that they should follow their dreams. The likelihood of having this attitude normally leaves them only wanting to come back.

Money & Benefits

A lot of millennials have forever seen the struggle that money can cause at home with their parents, so it is important to offer security alongside a salary. Make sure the amount of money that you offer is worth their time, otherwise they will most likely slack, or leave. Colleges and Universities have forever promised the perfect job with a huge salary upon completion but we all know the reality of that is untrue. So make sure the money is worth it, because they will turn down the offer or leave soon after accepting it.

Although these techniques are tough to implement into every industry and job type, there are different approaches that can be taken.

Looking for a new job? Why not register with us at Employment Partners Group and we can set you in the right direction of your dream career. 



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Thursday, March 07, 2019

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Monday, February 25, 2019

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Thursday, February 07, 2019

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How To Turn Your Goal Into A Reality, Not A Dream

Friday, January 25, 2019

How to turn your goal into a reality, not a dream

Start right at the bottom, because realistically this is where we all begin. Many of the most successful people in the world started with absolutely nothing. Accepting that you have nothing, is the first step. This allowed them to set bigger goals at a slow pace realistically allowing them to reach them and not expect them. For example if you start a new job in catering embrace the small jobs like, cutting vegetables and then make a new goal to perhaps use the fryer. Although it feels as though you’re being baby fed, these are all the small fragments that lead you to success. Think of it this way- if you can’t overcome small obstacles, how do you expect to overcome the larger ones.

Setting realistic goals can be difficult because there is a divide in what you can do and what you want to do. That’s not to say you can’t do something but to be aware that it might take a while to reach your desirable destination. Realistic goals could be things that you have access to and know you can achieve using what you’ve got. It is important to set unrealistic goals also, because it’s always great to keep determined about where you want to be and additionally, you can use this as your motivation to keep moving forward.

Becoming successful will never just get handed to you on a plate. Hard work, long hours and a constant desire to learn are all major factors that success needs to become a reality. If you set a new goal as soon as you achieve one you will constantly be working towards something which adds to the journey in your career. It is also important to understand that getting help will provide you with new doors to open. By extending your network and learning from professionals already in the place you want to be, you can pick up a lot of tricks and gateways in the industry you’re trying to evolve in. When you hear people say ‘I learnt from the best’ they genuinely mean it, and that’s most likely why they are in the position they have achieved.

One of the worst door stoppers in the route of success is excuses. If you need to do something or want to do something, why wait? Before you know it, weeks and months have passed, leaving you only with regret to think ‘if only I had started it then’. Get it done. Work through the long and stressful nights because as soon as you pull through, the results will be overwhelming. The more you drift from the road to your ideal destination, the longer it will take to achieving your goals.

Never underestimate others. If you have allowed someone to join you and they aren’t performing to your standards, become a teacher. Empower that person to be where you are. As well as building their character, you will unconsciously be building yours. In addition, they are most likely trying to resort to their own level of success, and it will benefit you much more, if you can feel a part of that.

Be open to failure. Think of failing as a lesson and do not feel defeated. This is super important when you’re trying to become successful. If you fail and give up, what you have achieved so far will be wasted so take it on the chin and don’t make the mistake again. For example, if you fail your theory test for your car, you practise the questions you didn’t know, ready to prepare for the next one. Failure is simply a learning curve, we need it to grow as a person.

It is important to never back down or opt out of something. Give it all you’ve got because generally, the bigger risk, the better the outcome. You need to take control over your mind and stay strong throughout whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish and eventually you WILL get there.

An awesome skill to have is to laugh when all you want to do is have a meltdown. If something, in your journey to success happens to go terribly wrong then laugh about it. Turn it into this funny, really stupid thing to have done and ask yourself if it will matter in 6 months’ time. If the answer is no, plough through it and the light at the end of the tunnel will begin to shine through.

Unfortunately, in order to become successful, we have to leap over that hurdle of sacrifices. Sacrificing things can be super scary and almost leaving you no option but to quit. However, if you see them through and keep positive, the breakthrough is usually worth it. As long as you wear your heart upon your sleeve, have high levels of faith and work hard to keep up your fight, you will become unstoppable. Finally, do not feel ashamed to lean on others for support, everything is always easier when you have others to help you out and you will certainly feel less under pressure.

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New Year Resolutions We Should Stick To

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

What New Year resolutions should we actually stick to?


We know we should, but we ‘never have time’

Do you ever wonder how people become successful? They read a lot. That is literally the secret to rising to the social standard of success. Those who become successful and forever move up in the world are the ones who never stop learning. This doesn’t generally mean read more books. Keeping up with the media, news and industry trends simply allows you to keep moving forward where fortunately your career tends to follow.

Although reading is the ideal way to increase your general knowledge, it’s also a great way to improve your writing skills, grammar and potentially broaden your ability to write in different perspectives. If you want to find interesting sources of information to suit your career, it is best to search for industry specific content or perhaps more niche information relating to specific areas in your profession.

This is an ideal New Year’s resolution because not only does it give you an invisible boost in your job role, but also allows you to keep up with life in general. Additionally, it gives you more to speak about, essentially motivating your communication skills.

Use up your holiday

Do you feel guilty for taking time off work or asking for it? If the answer was yes, then you fall under the whopping 47% of those in work who feel as though they don’t look dedicated or as though they aren’t enjoying their job.

Taking time off work is important and actually very beneficial. Having the time to ourselves actually rejuvenates us, providing more productive work on return. There are a few countries around the world that have made taking time off mandatory because they can notice the fast pace urgency after the break. The ideas is- if you have less time to do something, you will be more productive in order to get everything done. Which in an ideal world, makes a lot of sense.

A great way to ensure you have time to take time off is to plan ahead and work out when the best time to suit your work load would be. If you can get ahead of your work, you feel less pressure and more at ease about taking the time off which benefits your health and motivation to work, massively.

Write something at least once a month

Writing is a great way to express the way you feel, say what you want to say and a chance to write down all of those crazy ideas you might have. Also, if you write consistently, you will begin to notice great results because your writing skills will begin to improve. Although we perceive writing to be pointless and try to do it with minimal effort, we actually need it more than we think.

For example, when you write your CV or a covering letter, the more the content is well written and engaging, the more likely you will be remembered. It also accounts for more unexpected tasks such as writing an appeal against something or reporting something. By having minor but great writing skills, these annoying but likely jobs that you will be faced with in the future, will be much easier.

Quiet zone

In today’s generation trying to escape electronics is like attempting to walk to the moon. They are always going off and most annoyingly, they are always available to us (hence why you’re reading this blog). Even though we moan about it, we are all victims to the technical intelligence. In the New Year it is important to perhaps designate an electronic free zone where you won’t be disrupted and can use that time to think, plan, or perhaps finish that book you keep forgetting about.

Have you ever wondered why we sleep at night and wake up in the day? That’s because our bodies are sensitive to light and dark and therefore, react accordingly. The unhealthy thing about consistently using your phone, or watching the TV at night is that the light reflecting back at us tells our bodies that we must be awake. This might explain why you find it so hard to get to sleep at night.

Giving up electronics is similar to going on a diet- it’s harder than it looks. This means no more Netflix and chill before bed, or streaming down your amazon account. This simply means leaving your devices in another room whilst you go to sleep. A lot of people don’t put TVs in their bedroom for this specific reason. BUT I use my phone for my alarm? A lot of us do, and that’s where were going wrong. Get yourself an alarm clock and then watch your energy levels, great sleep patterns and getting out of bed easier increase massively.

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Rising Wages

Thursday, January 03, 2019

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Christmas in the Office

Monday, December 24, 2018

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What makes us different?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Here at Employment Partners, not only do we find you the career most suited to your values, we also try to understand what values you want to gain in the future. We all seek success and a high status within our careers, so by knowing where you want to be in a matter of time, can really help us as a recruitment team to send you in the right direction. Our goal isn’t just to match you with a job that you are ‘stuck’ with, but instead find you a position where your values and skills can be recognised and enhanced in the future. In addition, we work hard to publicise our values so that we can form a connection with our clients and candidates in the same way as our internal relationships with employees. Here are our main values:

Passionate about people- We are a people business, so we’re passionate about creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with. Our enthusiasm compels us to find the right person, believing this is fundamental to improving their life and work, allowing people to be all they can be.

Collaboration – As experts across many sectors and professions, our professional know–how and unique understanding of markets and people is shared with our clients, candidates and across our expanding global network. We work as a team and share knowledge for continuous improvement.

Integrity – We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.

Respect – We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness.

Empowerment – We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through innovation and leadership at all levels.

Responsibility – We are responsible to fulfil our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability inherent in those commitments.


Our Business Principles



Our team withhold a list of values and skills which work superbly throughout the day in the office. We work really hard to motivate and support our employees whether it’s for business or personal reasons, hoping to make employees feel at their best when they come to work. We believe that by keeping our employees happy, it most definitely reflects into the communication with clients and candidates leaving the outcome to be nothing but positive. We are honest about our company values, future goals and objectives so that everyone can feel on board and a part of our success. We strive to recruit, train, develop and retain the best talent in our industry. We will pursue equality of opportunity, treatment and diversity through our employment policies and will encourage our employees to reach their full potential through training and development.


Whenever we encounter Internal or external barriers we solve them quickly and efficiently making sure everyone voices their opinion which is then taken into account and analysed very closely. We want our own employees, Clients and Candidates to know that the way they are feeling or any concerns they might have will be taken into account and resolved. It is important to us, to make sure our team feel equal and feel welcome to approach us with any concerns.


We are driven to achieve superior results for our customers through exceptional service We will strive to understand and respond to our clients’ needs, to introduce those candidates most likely to meet those needs and to enhance our clients’ value to their business. In making introductions, we are committed to rewarding our clients’ trust through the highest achievable professional and ethical standards.


We expect our staff to communicate transparently and honestly with our clients, candidates, business partners, suppliers and governmental and regulatory bodies, within the legal framework of privacy and confidentiality.


If you are looking for candidates to work for your company, or a candidate yourself, you have fallen into the right hands. Visit our website at www.employmentpartners.co.uk to find the perfect role, suited to you.

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Highest Paying Jobs Working from Home

Monday, December 03, 2018

Working from home seems to be the new trend in 2018 whilst earning the highest possible salary has always been the goal. As time evolves, more opportunities have come to the surface, solving the difficulties in getting a job that offers flexibility to suit you. Although most roles involve some level of profession, there are still a various amount of jobs that you can learn and promote yourself for quite quickly. Working from home generally increases productivity and work ethic amongst individuals due to the pressure of working on site being completely absent. A recent study states that individuals who work at home also tend to be more satisfied with their job roles, therefore being more reliable sources. So what jobs are really out there?

Digital Marketing Analyst

A Digital Marketing Analyst looks for ways in which a company can improve their online marketing through identifying the statistics of their current marketing efforts. This can range from blogs to social media posts although it’s about identifying which techniques and content are and aren’t performing well or not so well. The average potential salary for a Digital Marketing Analyst is about £25k-£60k depending on the level of expertise although this can usually be negotiated.

Project Manager

This role usually involves coming up with Ideas, running them for trial and error and then analysing what works well and what doesn’t. This will also involve a lot of teamwork and team understanding of how everyone works and what roles they will fit best in the future of company growth. A Project Manager is responsible for making sure all project tasks are well organised and certain goals and objectives are being reached on time and effectively. If given enough information, yes, it is possible to manage it from home with the condition that communication is thorough. The average salary for this particular role can range from £20k to £45k depending on experience and level of expertise.

Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse provides care to patients externally. They will pretty much do the same as a Nurse internally although they are less likely to see patients and help out with the more digital side to the job. This can also include calls such as any health queries or complaints. Amongst many other responsibilities such as the paperwork and handling medication they must still abide by all rules such as confidentiality or for any personal patient detailed to be documented in a safe and secure way. If these happen to be breached, the consequence will remain the same if not worse. A registered Nurse can earn up to £60k a year dependent on experience.

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